Zichron Olamim

Zichron Olamim

The Zichron Olamim project will infuse the shivah period
with meaning, bringing comfort to mourning families and merit
to the souls of their departed loved ones. Sefer Zichron Olamim includes
the Mishnayos that are customarily studied as a merit for the deceased. The Mishnayos are elucidated clearly and are accompanied by visual aids to make the complex matter readily understandable to scholars and laymen alike. The Sefer also features Mishnayos that begin with each letter of the Aleph Beis, to enable people to study Mishnayos that begin with the letters of the deceased’s name. Included in the Sefer are also the chapters of Tehilim which are customarily recited in the house of mourning, as well as all the prayers that the family of the deceased recites when visiting the gravesite upon arising from shivah, with a clear translation. Most importantly, the Sefer features a compendium of all Halachos of the mourning period, beginning with the shivah and continuing through the entire year of mourning.

On this site, you can find several ways to commemorate your loved one’s memory and bring merits to his\her soul.

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